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·    Did you know that you can freeze rice? YES, you can! Ziploc, expel air, flatten out and freeze. Whether         you need a little or a lot, it’s quick and easy. Spoon out what you need, when it attains room temperature,   microwave on LOW heat. Voila!



     Added too much pepper ? IF, you’re cooking a liquid-based dish (beans, greens, veggies, etc.), add butter.       Butter cuts pepper!




                    Roux has a very long shelf life, so you can put it in an airtight GLASS jar and store it in your                        pantry for a couple of months.  It can last longer if you refrigerate it.  








When using Shug’s Secret Seasoning for chicken, the seasoning MUST be rehydrated. Several ways to do this; a) rub a few drops of olive oil on the chicken and then add the seasoning. Refrigerate for a few hours, until seasoning softens. b) Add a TBS of water to dry seasoning and then apply to chicken. c) If pan or deep frying and using flour, apply seasoning to chicken, add seasoning to flour (added flavor), flour chicken and fry. The flour will “hold” the seasoning and the hot oil will rehydrate.



How to make a roux (for gumbo or gravy)

More videos coming soon !!

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