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WELCOME to Shug's Kreole Kitchen

The one-of-a-kind cookbook is here! You can TASTE Louisiana, all year round, without COMING to Louisiana! 


Who is Shug? Well, she’s been cooking for over 65 years. Yep, this is very true! Starting at my grandmother’s (Nanny) hip, with a very long apron hanging from my neck; whatever she cooked, I had a smaller version. Smothered chicken was ALWAYS the meal on Sundays and while she had all of the bona fide pieces, I had a wing and the feet; but my  


gravy got to be really good. I was about nine y/o and one day, my grandfather came home early from work. Because it was a shotgun house, he saw me standing on a chair at the stove and immediately called out for my grandmother --- “Shug, this gal messin' 'roun in your pot.” Children weren’t allowed in the pots at that time (several really good reasons why!). Well, our secret was out and she told him that I’d been cooking supper for months. He scratched and shook his head and went to his room, never to broach the subject again. From there, I went to work at one of Miss Ethel’s restaurants (Ethel’s Dinette, # 1 & # 2). At 15, I was a waitress and a doggone good one at that, except for one small thing. Customers would be sitting at my tables waiting and I'd be poking around in the kitchen with Miss Alberta and Miss Aline, the pot food cooks. Finally, Miss Ethel let me work the short order cook station and I was ecstatic. From there, pot food cook, cashier and on to completely running #2. That’s how my long-lasting relationship with food began and we've been besties ever since. Over the years, family and friends have urged me to share what I’ve learned and this is it! My food is a blend of the best cooking that Louisiana has to offer. The spices, seasonings and styles of N.O. Creole cooking combined with the techniques and ingredients of Acadiana’s Cajun Country have allowed me to create very unique, finger lickin' flavor profiles. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. So, from my kitchen to yours; cook, eat, enjoy and share some of this honest-to-goodness with your family and friends! I assure you, they won't be disappointed ...... Shug

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