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Inquiring Minds..
May Want to Know !

Q: How much will I be paid?   A: That depends on the brand… NO LESS than $10.00 per hour and as much as $15.00 per hour.

 Q: How often will I be paid?  A: Twice a month, on the 15th and 30th.

Q: How many hours can I work?   A: Depending on the brand you service and your CA (Commitment Adherence, as many as 50 – 70 hours a week.

 Q: Will I be trained?  A: YES! Each brand has its own specific training. MOST are four-weeks, four-hours a day, five days-a-week. One brand is six-weeks because of the content involved.

Q: Will I get paid during training? A: No. Once you are certified, you will be able to choose your hours. Training is an INVESTMENT in YOU!!

  • Q: Do I have to provide my own equipment ?  A: Yes. However, if you need to purchase or upgrade your equipment to become compliant with the system requirements, we have suggestions/recommendations for you.

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